VarsityPrep is a high school student led mentorship program for kids focused on building the foundation of passion, knowledge, and fundamentals that will help them succeed at the high school level and beyond. VarsityPrep does this through 1-on-1 lessons of 1 and 2 hours. 


Our mission is to provide the most effective, affordable, and accessible mentorship program for kids to prepare them for the next level.

WHY VarsityPrep?

  • Is your child receiving adequate attention? Do they have close mentors to look up to and practice with?

  • High school is a big transition for any teenager and activities are becoming more competitive as kids are preparing at very young ages in order to play for their high school team. How can you give your child an edge on the competition?

  • We know many parents are busy working full time to support their family and cannot give their child the attention they need to get better. What is a busy parent to do?

Never thought about a private coach? Well other people have. We have surveyed parents, and we have found some startling statistics:

  • 73% of parents surveyed have already paid for private instruction.

  • These parents are paying on average $70 per lesson!

Finding the right private coach can be difficult and hard to find! And how do you know how to choose the right one?

Introducing VarsityPrep, the place where you can find the right coach to help give your child the attention, motivation and feedback they need to reach their goals!


  1. We can relate to young athletes as we were in their shoes only a handful of years ago.

  2. We are looked up to as big brother/big sister role models and can have a strong positive influence.

  3. We are young and still in prime athletic shape, this inspires the kids and allows our coaches to participate in the workouts.


Want to share the skills you have and get paid to get outside and do what you love while inspiring a young athlete and helping them succeed? Current high school students with an interest in coaching and mentoring, are encouraged to apply to become a Varsity Prep Mentor or Coach.

VarsityPrep offers a job that gives Flexibility, Freedom, Growth, and Purpose! Pass down your knowledge and passion to the next generation of varsity stars!