Preparing Athletes for Varsity Sports

VarsityPrep offers private coaching lessons for young athletes. Our coaches are passionate varsity athletes in your neighborhood ready to help you improve your game! When helping my younger brother search for a private sports coach I knew something was off when the only ones available played professionally and had an average going rate of $80 an hour. After all he was only 10 and just needed someone to kick the ball around with and strengthen his fundamentals. Being in college, I realized that high school and collegiate athletes were in there prime and looked for any chance to get around their sport. I realized there was possibly a connection with high school and college athlete‚Äôs expertise and younger athletes just needing someone a bit older to look up to and spend some extra time working with. I enlisted my friend Quinn I grew up playing with to coach my younger brother and watched as how he approved going from the bench to a starting spot. His teammates and coach noticed his improvement and I realized how many other potential coaches there are and how many athletes are looking for someone to work with. This is how VarsityPrep got its start and is working on creating the most effective, affordable, and accessible private sports coaches for young athletes.

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