VarsityPrep is a community based mentorship program that connects kids with high school students for one-on-one sports, Tutoring and fine arts instruction. 

VarsityPrep’s purpose is to help kids achieve their personal best in sports, academics, and fine arts instruction within a mentorship theme of college readiness and good behaviors.

VarsityPrep’s smartphone app connects parents of kids (age 5-14) with high school varsity student athletes (age 15-18) to schedule, participate, and evaluate sports training sessions. 

VarsityPrep Mentors will teach sports skills to the younger child and are encouraged to engage the child and parent in age-appropriate conversations around the process of preparing, choosing, and applying to college.

Mentors will follow the VarsityPrep Mentorship Doctrine promoting good behaviors and a positive role-modeling experience for the younger Prep. Mentors are required to spend 5-10 minutes during the beginning, middle, or end of each training session to discuss one of the Doctrine’s subjects.

Both Parents/Guardians are required to meet and exchange/confirm contact information at the 1st VarsityPrep training session in order to ensure a safe, appropriate, and beneficial experience for their children.


VarsityPrep Parents

The VarsityPrep Mentorship and Skills program promotes college readiness by encouraging the exchange of information between families with younger and older college bound kids as a means toward college preparedness and future college success. 

By using the VarsityPrep app., your younger child can improve on a sport, academic, or fine arts skill overtime from a college bound high school student.

The VarsityPrep program is operated through a smartphone app that can be downloaded at the App Store. Parents of younger children (5-14) can purchase hourly credits toward training sessions for their child with a college bound high school VarsityPrep Mentor. Each training session is individually evaluated by the VarsityPrep Mentor (15-18) who is then paid for those training services provided to the young Prep.

VarsityPrep Preps (age 5-14)

Kids ages 5-14 are perfect for connecting with a VarsityPrep Mentor. Positive role modeling, sharing of information on college readiness, and learning or improving a sports, academic, or fine arts skill are all available and accessible to younger Preps through the VarsityPrep smartphone app. Parents are encouraged to sign up on the smartphone app and place their younger Prep up with a Mentor today.


VarsityPrep Mentors (15-18)

VarsityPrep Mentors are positive role models in the community, on the playing field, and with their Varsity Preps. Mentors are required to read the VarsityPrep Doctrine at the end of each training session with their Prep. Mentors are also required to evaluate each Prep with a VarsityPrep Evaluation at the end of each training session.

All VarsityPrep Mentors will be employed by VarsityPrep Inc. Each will be required to complete the VarsityPrep employee on-boarding process online through Paychex Inc; follow VarsityPrep Mentor Job Description; abide by the VarsityPrep Policies and Procedures outlined in the VarsityPrep Employee Handbook.

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