Mentorship doctrine


smile to others, compliment others on good behaviors and actions, help others when needed


tell the truth, be genuine and open, follow a set of principles, believe what actually happened


model high ideals of ethics and sportsmanship, teach, advocate and model the importance of honor and good character by doing the right thing

Hard Work

give 100% effort in everything you do, practice sports skills outside of organized practices, attend teacher office hours and consistently complete homework

College Readiness

do more reading, writing, and arithmetic, write down a reasonable college success plan and follow it, have a unique talent or skill that you are passionate about

Personal Conduct

 refrain from profanity, disrespectful conduct, and the use of alcohol or tobacco products


be present and aware of your surroundings, be aware of the safety of your environment, yourself and your student-athlete.


eat healthy food, exercise for life, relax and stretch, enjoy sleep, avoid addictions, be social


recycle and use renewable energy, study science and technology to protect the earth, walk, skateboard, and bicycle more


be a part of your community, treat the family of student-athletes and field caretakers with respect, maintain open lines of communication with family, friends, and teachers.