The Varsity Camp is a great chance to expose kids in middle school to the competitive sports training of high school, while encouraging healthy lifestyles and having fun together as a group. Each day will consist of; warmups, exercises, drills, competition, and fun games. The program will be focused on general athleticism applicable to all sports and will focus drills on improving; speed, quickness, power, cardio, and hand eye coordination. The program will feature college student coaches that will participate in the drills and exercises with the kids. Every day will have a theme that relates to success in sports and in life. The coaches will be teaching the theme during the drills and exercises and at the end of the day there will be a game to test the kid’s knowledge of the theme

Varsity Camps


           The Varsity Clinic is designed to prepare a varsity high school team for an upcoming season. High school teams cannot officially start practicing until the season start date, but VarsityPrep knows that preparation is key to success. The Varsity Clinic will allow players on high school teams to get a head start on the competition. Varsity Clinics will be coached by college student athletes and with their guidance as recent varsity stars, high school teams will be more prepared both mentally and physically for their upcoming season. Clinics will focus on building the foundation of teamwork, chemistry, and basic skills. The more work a team does together, and the more reps individuals get in before the season, will make a big difference come game time

Varsity Clinics