varsity camp -

          Varsity Camps are designed to bring all of our coaches and athletes together for a fun and instructional day of drills, skill competitions, and games. Coaches will participate in some of the drills and competitions and will coach and referee the games. Varsity Camps are a great place to make new friends, practice your skills, and showcase your ability. Register today for a Varsity Camp near you!

Example Day - 

9:00am - meet and greet with fun ice breaker game
9:15am - break into groups and warm up
9:30am - drills focused on practicing the fundamentals using proper technique
10:30am - skills competitions focused on individual performance and improvements
11:30am - skills competitions between coaches and kids focused on teamwork
12:15pm - game coached and refereed by VarsityPrep coaches
1:30pm - coaches lead stretching and give the kids pointers from the day
2:00pm - bring it in for last cheer and pick up field

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Varsity Camp

Varsity Camp is a sports day focusing on teaching kids the techniques and fundamentals of their favorite sports. Sign up today!

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